What zodiac sign is catwoman

Here I am with another Zodiac Signs article, you guys really like these kind of articles and I have fun doing them, so yeah That's all for today, thanks for reading, probably I would do another one but with Marvel Ladies. Leo Libra Sagittarius Supergirl aquarius aries article astrology cancer capricorn catwoman gemini horoscope horoscopo mera pisces poison ivy scorpio taurus virgo zodiac signs.

Location: frown. Colour: dark blue, indigo. Responsible of: eyes, endocrine and nervous systems. Associated: concentration, imaginati Aries: Taurus: Gemini: Cancer:. Location: top of the head. Connection with the divine. Colour: violet. Responsible: spiritual joy, freedom and inspiration. Hey you guys, I hope you are well. Today I want to talk about something I am currently working on.

For those of you, who' Hello everyone! My name is Lana and I've been reading tarot for close to two years and I've been into astrology for even longer.

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what zodiac sign is catwoman

Zodiac Sign As Supernatural Creatures.Joker:joker is just crazy. Goin with gemini. Batgirl:I dont know a whole lot about her she seems feisty and youd have to be fiery to be a female super hero and shes got that red hair so my vote id for aries and possibly sag. Poison Ivy: she was like a smart scientist girl and seems pretty well kept.

I am going to go with virgo here. Harley Quinn: shes got to be an air sign, Im going to go with either gemini for being hyper or libra for being so willing to commit to jokers crap without question, and she isnt really mean to be mean shes just bored lol. It would also make sense is jokers a gemini and shes a libra, itd trine so theyd get along.

Two face: not going with the obvious here, gemini, Im going to say He struck with a vengence after he got screwed so scorpio, badly aspected lol. Why no cat woman?? I say she is a pisces with some scorpio, sensitive loves animals look at her room in batman returns!

There ya have it! Trending News. CDC singles out 3 critical coronavirus symptoms. WH moves Bush, Clinton portraits to disused room. Lunch outing ended up infecting NFL star's family. Fox News host fact-checks Trump during interview. Fox News host praised for correcting Trump over tweet. FBI agent in Russia inquiry saw basis to doubt dossier. Were the actions of federal agents in Portland legal?We all like to see a bit of ourselves in Marvel superheroes.

Unless you're a DC fan, in which case, wait for the next article, buddy. Superheroes are powerful, brave, and They might get their unbelievable powers through tragic backstories that are a knife in the heart, but hey, they get to fly around and beat up bad guys. Zodiac signs are just one way to connect with them.

Some of you may not put much meaning behind the Zodiac. Don't worry, I don't either. The science behind it is laughable. But it sure is fun to mess with, and figure out which superhero fits which sign. And who knows? Maybe one day the Zodiac names will be completely replaced by these superheroes.

what zodiac sign is catwoman

So here are fifteen of Marvel's most popular superheroes and their true Zodiac sign. Unfortunately, not every single sign is present. Apparently, superheroes bring out the most aggressive signs, leaving the nicer ones at home. Who would have thought? It's a shame the panther isn't on the Zodiac table. That would have been an easy one! As it is, Leo was chosen for King T'Challa, and not just because of his affinity for cats.

Even when he's not in a room full of his own subjects, he often takes charge. Leos often resist change; we're stubborn that way. Leos naturally attract people with strong personalities, those with individuality and purpose.The Zodiac Master is a masked supervillain who made his presence known in Gotham City by accurately predicting a series of disasters, all of which he secretly orchestrated.

Having duped most of the city, he then offered his services as an underworld consultant, using his supposed astrological skills to foretell the outcome of various proposed crimes.

what zodiac sign is catwoman

Introduced in late 's Detective Comicsthe Zodiac Master has a minor claim as the final new villain that Batman and Robin fought before the advent of the Julius Schwartz-edited era launched in Detective Comics Wearing a light blue cowl and body suit festooned with astrological signs, he concocted an elaborate scheme to become a known underworld figure.

Little is known of the Zodiac Master's personal background. He first appeared on a pier claiming that a departing ocean liner was headed for certain doom. Two policemen on the scene ordered him to leave before they charged him with disorderly conduct, but shortly afterwards the ship collided with an oil tanker. Several days later, the Zodiac Master reappeared at the Gotham International Airport, standing on the runway and stalling an airliner's takeoff.

As before, he warned that the constellations had predicted the plane and its passengers would meet with a tragic end. While being approached by Batman, he hurled a projectile shaped like a ram's head at one of the airliner's engines, destroying it. Batman and Robin were then ensnared by a bola released by a scorpion-shaped projectile to prevent them from impeding his getaway.

When the plane was repaired, a defective control wire was discovered, lending credence to the Zodiac Master's prophesy. The following week Gotham was the target of a protracted crime wave waged by the city's most notorious organized crime rackets. When apprehended by Batman, some of the mobsters made reference to a "Mister Z" who "read signs" to determine the outcome of their robberies.

The Dark Knight quickly deduced that Mister Z and the Zodiac Master were one and the same, and that he had sabotaged both the plane and the ocean liner to gain credibility as an astrologer. For a while, the Zodiac Master was content to go on collecting lucrative fees for his phony predictions, although he'd begun secretly planning a crime spree of his own. Batman was able to infiltrate his hideout by posing as a mobster, and although he apprehended Zodiac Master's henchman the madcap astrologer slipped through his grasp again.

The only clue as to his future whereabouts was a sheet of paper with what appeared to be a horoscope calculated on it. By interpreting the zodiac signs on the paper Batman deduced that the Zodiac Master was planning to carry out a crime on August 5, which was under the constellation Leo and for which a favorable horoscope had been obtained.

The date coincided with an exhibit of ancient Cretan artifacts in Gotham City, including a bejeweled golden bull. Given the obvious zodiac theme, Batman reasoned it was the Zodiac Master's target. Doodles of a Taurus sign confirmed his suspicions. After a lengthy chase and battle at the Gotham museum, which unfortunately resulted in damage to some of the priceless Cretan relics, Batman apprehended the Zodiac Master with one of his own weapons: a rocket-propelled projectile shaped like the goat's head of Capricorn.

Detective ComicsJanuary The Zodiac Master never fought the Dynamic Duo again, although a file was retained on his brief supervillain career as part of Batman's Bureau of Missing Villains. Batman Family 14, In the Solo mini-series, the Zodiac Master escapes incarceration and is recaptured by Batman, who erroneously refers to him as "the human Firefly ". Police Commissioner James Gordon is not impressed, as Gotham was then undergoing race riots, which he considered a greater priority than stopping largely harmless costumed villains.

These circumstances were later revealed to have occurred solely in Batman's imagination after he was rendered comatose during a clash with the Riddler. Solo 7, December Elements of the Zodiac Master's costume are gimmicked to transform themselves into weapons or distractions, similar to the Polka-Dot Man.

The zodiac signs on the Zodiac Master's costume included a ram's head representing Ariesa scorpion representing Scorpioan arrow representing Sagittariushuman twins representing Geminiand a figure holding scales representing Libra. All of these, with the exception of Libra, could be used as projectiles.

The Scorpio projectile also functioned as a bola. Although never directly appearing in the show, Zodiac Master likely inspired the villain Nostromos who appeared in the episode Prophecy of Doom as both characters are astrology themed and partake in schemes which involve telling prophecies of disasters to wealthy men only to later stage the disasters himself. Nostromos is an actor who's real name is Carl Fowler and who started telling prophecies of great disasters to Gotham's wealthy and elite only to later cause the tragedies himself.Do you have what it takes to save the universe?

If the signs were superheroes then each would have a different approach to rescuing victims and slaying villains. The cape and the tights are a natural fit for Aries.

The thought of not being tethered to the planet — being able to fly through the universe and bore to the centre of the Earth pricks both your ego and sense of adventure. Try to avoid Kryptonite and Lex Luther where possible. The Taurus zodiac sign would most likely be the Hulk. Rage is a motivating force that you can use to move immovable objects and objectionable people.

Sometimes it can be hard to tell. They resemble the duality of superheroes like Deadpool. Smart talking, rude, oversexed, you enjoy the rapid fire world and need a hero with a badass name. Team this power with lightening hand to hand combat and constant trash talking and Gemini could save the universe in the blink of an eye. As a Cancer zodiac sign you love all things magical and a world where nothing is as it seems. Everything about the Flash just matches the Leo personality — from the name, the red suit, the lightening bolt — and the super speed thing too.

Your love for all things explosive closely resembles this heroes ability to create a giant electrical storm out of nowhere. The Virgo zodiac sign would be a quirky and eccentric kind of hero like Doctor Who.

As a sign that strives for balance and avoids violence you imagine that Spidey could just weave a net to catch your enemies — all without a single drop of blood being shed. Of course the dark night is Scorpios superhero pick — as they are basically just a blood transfusion away from being a vampire. The brooding aura around this hero along with the slightly damaged psyche are things that Scorpio can relate to well.

Sure, being tiny might not be the most show stopping power. Or even tunnel underground deep below the Earth. The Capricorn sign and Wonder Woman have more in common then you might realize.

This sign shares the same strength and resilience that embodies the warrior spirit of this hero. The Pisces personality can feel lost and tormented at times.

But they can also be menacing too when they sharpen their claws. Which is why they would most likely be the Catwoman if they were a superhero. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Click Here to Leave a Comment Below. Leave a Reply:. Sharing is Caring Help spread the word.

You're awesome for doing it!Okay, sorry if this question is totally irrelevant but for anybody that is a fan of Batman and the comics, what villains in Batman would match the 12 western Zodiac Signs? Harley quinn- Pisceswill do anything for their partner even if they know its bad. So submissioned and sacrificing ,did I mention cute and hot. Starting with: Not in any order 1.

Joker 2. Harley quinn 3. Freeze 4. Poison Ivy 5. Two Face 6. Killer Croc 7. Ras Al Ghul 8. Bane 9. Penguin Catwoman Riddler Clayface Feel free to throw your opinions in why they would match the Zodiac Sign you chosen them to be. Answer Save. Mama Krabs Lv 5. Taurus 2. Cancer 3. Aquarius 4. Scorpio 5. Gemini 6. Leo 7. Aries 8.

The Zodiac Signs As Superheroes…

Capricorn 9. Virgo Libra Sagittarius The joker - obviously a Gemini, two faced criminal mastermind. So submissioned and sacrificing ,did I mention cute and hot Penguin-Virgo, so Virgo Two faced-Libra, takes a chances on a coin, wishy washy. Bane-Aries, no.The year iswhich means, according to the Chinese Zodiac, it is now the year of the rat.

The normal thing is to match your birth year up with those associated with that zodiac animal while finding out some endearing qualities about yourself. But what about those qualities that exist in the hands of evil? Quick-witted, resourceful, and versatile. No one in the Batman universe is quite as cunning as The Riddler. His many traps and riddles have the collective world pondering what is really happening. Not easily caught and welding his intelligence, The Riddler stands alone as the brainiest of all the Batman villains.

It is not a shock that the toughest of all the signs would be left to the powerhouse, Bane. Diligent, determined, strong, and dependable. The ox will power through most situations with a headstrong attitude that is unmatched. Apart from his need for venom, Bane uses his stalwart strength to pull himself out of any situation or use it to snap the back of anyone in his way, mainly Batman's.

A newcomer of sorts for the Batman rogues gallery, Hush, aka Tommy Elliot, has gained a lot more traction in the popularity department in recent years. The competitive nature he so badly is out to prove, having started when Tommy grew up with Bruce and often bested him at a strategic board game they would play, Hush has adopted that same level of competitiveness to take down Batman any time that he can. This relationship has been tested time and time again, even ending in plenty of bloodshed.

She can be kind at times but is mostly known for being brutal when she needs to be. Quiet is what Catwoman does best, she is after all, a cat burglar.

DC Character Birthdays & Zodiac

She mostly lets her claws do all the talking. Much like the dragon, Ra' Al Ghul, has shown his confidence, intelligence, and enthusiasm to balance the world with genocide to Batman for years. Harvey Dent was the intelligent, enigmatic, and wise district attorney, before his falling down to the underworld of Gotham.

With the hinging two personalities that Dent and Two-Face share, it is a wonder on who is being addressed, or what either of them is thinking. One personality sheds its skin, and the other is reborn. Much like a galloping horse, The Joker 's ability to stay animated and active in the face of destroying everything Batman loves, is unrivaled. Stay away from his thoroughbred of violence.


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